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Tenda Nova MW6 Review for 2019 – Best Mesh Wi-Fi System

It’s not a secret anymore that mesh WiFi technology is steadily becoming an able alternative to regular wireless routers. What makes mesh WiFi systems stand out is the fact that they’ll keep your devices connected regardless of where you are in the house. This is opposed to regular routers which are prone to frequent signal drops.

Tenda Nova MW6 review for 2019


If you’re looking for an affordable mesh system with good speeds, great design, and ease of use, then Tenda Nova MW6 is the best bet for you. Coming in a unique, white, cubic design, this device is certainly more attractive compared to the bulky conventional routers. Each of the 3 cubes measures just 105mm in length, so they can easily fit anywhere in your house.

Additionally, you’ll get 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, a small reset button and a power connector on each cube’s bottom. Unfortunately for USB lovers, there is no this option but it’s rarely found on different multi-router systems either.


Here are the important features of Tenda MW6:

  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet interface per router
  • Includes 3 mesh points/routers
  • Wi-Fi – dual-band wireless 802.11ac (2.4GHz/5.0GHz)
  • Wave Two MU-MIMO
  • Fast Roaming Handoff
  • Wall mountable

On the features, Nova MW6 is entirely managed via a smartphone app. You simply have to plug any of the units to a modem or a router and then configure the name of your network. The final step is to plug in the satellites and they’ll connect automatically. That being said, this system can cover almost 6,000 square feet which should be enough coverage for most homes.

At close range, the system can have download speeds of up to 434.19Mbps and upload speeds of 254.05Mbps. in addition, if your building has separate floors, you could get download speeds of up to 378.91Mbps and 220Mbps of upload speeds. To make it even better, you could get speeds up to 69.79Mbps throughput if you’re outdoors – let’s say in the garden. In fact, both bands could give you speeds up to 1167Mbps.

The main downside is the omission of a USB port to connect other devices although at its price point, that’s acceptable. In short, Tenda Nova MW6 has got all the great components any modern Wi-Fi system should have.


When it comes to setting up, this Tenda device is pretty easy to install and use. Simply download the Tenda Wi-Fi app available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Make sure your modem is connected to one of the nodes. Proceed to scan the QR code located on the first mesh point’s base and your app will seamlessly switch over the device to the Nova network.

As for the other 2 stations, they will be automatically connected to the mesh system. You can check for their signal strength using the LED at the top of each node which flashes in different colors depending on the signal strength. You can also use the app to check the network status as well as the number of devices connected once your network is up and running.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Great design
  • Great performance
  • Availability of an instruction manual


  • Can’t attach external devices such as printers due to unavailability of USB sockets
  • Each cube has on 2 Ethernet ports, so you may need a Gigabit Ethernet switch


Was that review helpful? Overall, Tender MW6 performs considerably well compared to its main competitors the Google WiFi and Netgear Orbi. It offers important features such as network bridging and guest networking which are rare to find. However, you’ll need to create an account via the app in order to connect. In short, this mesh wireless system will guarantee your home 100Mbps internet connection with minimal slowdowns or signal loss. Feel free to leave us your opinions in the comments section below.


Reasons Why Mobile Gaming Industry Is Rapidly Growing

Video game industry has been facing major changes in terms of prices, income, and products especially in the late 2000s which have been characterized by a rise in mobile games. Previously, mobile games used to be difficult to access and simplistic. This has gradually changed with the modern games which have taken full advantage of portable gadgets like tablets and smartphones.

Below are some of the main reasons why the mobile gaming industry is rapidly growing.

Low Cost

Most mobile games on app stores are free, easily downloadable and offer great entertainment. In case one has to purchase a game, the price ranges from a few dollars to not more than $20. This makes them affordable when compared to the console game prices. For example, XBOX One S, a console game costs $239. Mobile games low cost together with the fact that most gamers already own a Smartphone means they are capable of downloading more games and making in-app purchases.

Changing Technology

There was a massive improvement in the mobile phone technology in the 1990s. This was when mobile devices capable of handling games started coming into the market. Changing perception of cell phones as the technology of every person, the fast spread of Smartphone’s and growth of other competitors led to the emergence and fast growth of mobile games. Technological changes let to a new range of players who could access the games through Smartphones and tablets. The number of mobile gamers quickly outnumbered traditional gamers.

Ease in Distribution

Tablets and Smartphone offer new and fast distribution mechanism which saves producers lots of time and money. Instead of having to package the games on CDs or having to distribute the games physically, mobile games could easily be shared via Wi-Fi or cellular networks. For example, when Apple came into the market in 2008, its potential was quickly realized by developers. Ease in sharing mobile games contributed to their drop in prices and the emergence of new easier to play games. Distribution potential of mobile games played a significant part in drawing game developers since their games could get to a wider audience within a short time at lower costs.


According to recent research, mobile games are said to come with certain health benefits such as reducing stress, depression and raising dopamine levels which makes one have a better feeling whenever they are playing and winning.

For instance, taking part in puzzle games will help in training the gamer’s brain and improving their well being. Playing mobile games will also help one boost their fitness through gamification. For example, Wokamon shows how gamification is capable of making fitness fun.


Mobile games offer gamers greater accessibility since they can play games anywhere and anytime. After downloading the games on their Smartphone, most of the games no longer require internet connection as they through the mobile phone’s internal drive. Try imagining having your most favorite games on your tablet or Smartphone in your pocket or handbag. Mobile games are very accessible and convenient.